QUIK–Broker, test copy

ARQA Technologies allows making a copy of the QUIK МР “Broker” system to connect to simulation trading systems for internal testing of QUIK platform functions.

Variants for making of the QUIK–Broker system

  1. Purchase of a test copy

    when the main copy of the QUIK platform is used at client’s premises. 

    The test copy of the purchased software is provided for free. To make more than one test copy you should purchase the additional license according to the tariff.

    In this case the test platform configuration matches the configuration of the main QUIK platform which is used for making a copy.

  1. QUIK-Broker SaaS in the test mode

    when the main copy of the QUIK platform is provided by the ARQA Technologies data centre.

    In the test mode the access is provided for a charge according to the tariff.

    This variant allows adjusting the system configuration to meet test requirements.
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