Basic Functions

  1. QUIK promptly obtains required information and provides access to various markets and trading modes via a single terminal.
  2. The interface of the main user terminal (QUIK Workstation) has always strived to meet the needs of most experienced traders, having amassed a vast array of tools while preserving the flexibility of the working place.
  3. Trading terminals offer rich functionality of order processing:

    easy order entry and cancellation;
    package placement of delayed orders (transaction pocket) into the trading system, contingent orders placed when a certain condition is met (stop-limit, take profit, if-done orders, etc.); 
    import of transactions prepared in other applications, and some other operations.
  1. Order entry with the help of integrated programming languages or from charts.
  2. Charts in QUIK may be plotted for any market parameter using tools of technical analysis.
  3. Brokerage services employ standard tools for margin trading, operations with clients’ portfolios and sub-brokerage services.
  4. Brokers may calculate commissions for their clients’ transactions using different tariff plans.
  5. The software follows a modular approach, providing opportunities for creating custom configurations to address a specific range of tasks.
    The server’s functionality can be extended by adding new software — Server Modules and User applications.
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