Using QUIK, the broker can provide trading access not only to his clients but also to other brokers and their clients. This service is known as sub-brokerage. Sub-brokerage functionality is part of the basic configuration.

Trading under sub-brokerage goes through the execution broker that opens separate accounts (cash and depo) to record operations of the sub-broker and its clients.

The sub-broker may independently set the balances on its clients' accounts and the margin lending rate (leverage), monitor orders and transactions of its clients using the standard QUIK workstation, conclude trades on behalf of the client, e.g., when accepting voice orders, and cancel working orders in the trading system. Using the QUIK Software, the sub-broker may independently administer its clients.

Administration of User Rights

In QUIK, the sub-broker may independently administer its clients, i.e.:

  • add and remove users;
  • register access keys;
  • specify clients' codes;
  • view clients’ transaction logs;
  • enable additional options, such as news, chat, stop-orders, etc.
All the administrative functions listed above are available in a specialized program — QUIK Administrator for sub-brokers.

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