QUIK digest for the second quarter of 2017

3 july 2017

Q2, 2017

Dear users of software products from ARQA Technologies, we are offering for your attention the digest of notable features introduced in QUIK products and events that took place in the second quarter of 2017.


ARQA Technologies took part in international conference and exhibition TradeTech Europe 2017 held in Paris on April 25-26. The company presented ARQA OMS — the system for collecting, processing and execution management of clients’ orders on exchange and OTC.

A joint seminar of Bloomberg and ARQA Technologies took place in Bloomberg’s office in Moscow on May 18. Existing and potential clients reviewed samples of product integration between Bloomberg and ARQA Technologies with regard to targets they help to achieve.

The company participated in the 10-th annual conference-exhibition International Derivatives Expo (IDX), that brought together 1800 financial market professionals from over 35 countries. Among the products showcased by the company was ARQA OMS and OEMS QUIK with a line of user terminals.

In the role of technological partner of the annual competition held by Moscow Exchange among exchange trade novices Invest Trial 2017 ARQA Technologies announced its own nomination — this year the winner will get Apple Watch Sport.

New versions of software

For the complete list of changes in QUIK products, see the News on the company website.

Trading interfaces

Moscow Exchange FX market trading interface 11.6.0

Brokers’ users with manager rights may conduct some non-trade exchange transactions such as banning or permitting trades for a particular ID connected via a ‘gateway’ or an exchange terminal.

Market data interfaces

Bloomberg B-PIPE Market Data Interface

The company released a new market data interface for trading reports from LSE, NASDAQ and NYSE markets via the service Bloomberg Market Data Feed (B-PIPE).

Service modules

Alert dispatch module 2.11.0

  • Integration with text message provider SMS Aero.
  • Alerts on orders and trades optionally indicate the trade account (depo account).

Infrastructure solutions

QUIK Matching Engine 1.8.0

  • Descriptions of parameters and transactions are available in both Russian and English.
  • Password encoding functionality is supported in the settings file.

QUIK OMS 3.10.0

Changes introduced in the last version of QUIK OMS enhanced operational comfort:

  • Modeless order form removed restrictions in interaction with tables and tabs of QUIK workstation - switching back and forth from an opened OMS-order form and other workstation tabs does not require closing the form.
  • To copy OMS-order and algo-order tables one may use the keyboard shortcut combination “Ctrl+N” or context menu in QUIK workstation.
  • An upgraded system of user notifications allows flexible setting of notifications for all sorts of events connected to registration, change or cancellation of OMS-orders.

Integration solutions

Program interfaces FIX Client Connector 3.39.0, FIX Adapter, FIX Drop Copy 3.39.0 and 3.41.0

All program interfaces feature the function of automatic switch to a standby server on losing connection to the principal QUIK server. The settings may now include a standby connection.

FIX adapter may forward and cancel OTC trades on LSE. When used in conjunction with OMS manager module, it is possible to receive the code of trade execution venue in execution reports for OMS trades.

FIX Adapter and FIX Drop Copy have:

  • additional settings for FIX messages in XML schemes, e.g. instructions to stop FIX messages by selected triggers,
  • support of versions 1.1 and 1.2 of cryptographic protocol TLS for client connection,
  • a SNAPSHOT subscription option for Market Data delivery of a single snapshot of quotes at time of request.

FIX2QME 1.4.0

  • The interface supports English names of parameters and transactions for correct description of transmitted data.
  • There is now indication of timing of the last change in instrument price and number.

User terminals

QUIK Workstation 7.11 and 7.12

Graph functionality extended to:

  • new line type settings — with lighting and gradient,
  • manageable visibility of trend lines and figures on graphs at instrument change,
  • possibility to include or exclude range of graph and indicator values while defining diagram auto scaling parameters.

The Workstation has broader functionality of ‘linked-windows’ mode designated for default filtering of data in windows by parameters from the line selected in the main table.

Risk manager's terminal module CoLibri 4.11.0

The combined Risk manager’s terminal module extended its functionality of position closing for each of the three markets:

  • A new function allows adding all clients from the ‘Client portfolio’ table to position closing list.
  • When closing sub-brokers’ positions,’ it is possible to use resources in clients’ accounts.
  • Position closing now takes into account parameters of portfolio collateral.

The functionality for stock market applied to risk management of positions under the instrumental scheme of position keeping on FX market now includes the option of position transfer by means of ‘currency pair’ instruments.

For derivatives market, margin call parameters for reaching terms of composite criterion may be set for various schemes of client position keeping: unified cash position for discounts, unified cash position without discounts or without unified cash position.

For FX market there is a setting for automatic selection of foreign currency trade account during position transfer.


QUIK server 5.11. 3 and 5.12

New capabilities of market order management include:

  • permission of market orders to buy and to sell short for a preset list of securities in a class of instruments,
  • setting of different percentages of additional fund reservation for market orders to buy in different instrument classes.

Limit calculation library was expanded to include:

  • client position consideration in connection with spreads on SPIMEX Derivatives market,
  • a possibility to open short positions in currency in the absence of limits in order to reduce limits loading before start of trading,
  • ‘portfolio collateral’ functionality of taking into account differences in underlying asset price, price step and price increment of both portfolios to calculate interportfolio spread collateral,
  • a new collateral settlement mode for active orders to reduce the volume of collateral for such orders.


For all questions concerning the products, their terms of use and testing please contact the Sales and marketing department of ARQA Technologies:
+7-383-2191619, sales@arqatech.com

For all questions on operation of the QUIK complex please refer to the QUIK support service:
+7-383-2191606, quiksupport@arqatech.com

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