ARQA Technologies released a new version of user application — QUIK Workstation 7.12

2 june 2017

The main innovation in the released version of QUIK Workstation is a wider functionality for graphs.

In particular the visibility of trend lines and figures on graphs may be managed at instrument change. For this purpose the form of diagram features configuration acquired the additional option ‘Retain trend lines and figures at instrument change’.

Moreover it has become possible to include or exclude range of  graph and indicator values while defining diagram autoscaling parameters. To this end the form of graph and indicator features configuration acquired the option ‘Include at autoscaling’ for a range of values.

Also in the Account state table of the new version of the application the final parameter ‘Current assets’ (similar to the same parameter in the ‘Client portfolio’ table) was added to the tab ‘Positions’.

To see the full list of changes made in QUIK Workstation 7.12.

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