New version of QUIK server software 5.11.3 released

1 june 2017

The main changes in the new version of QUIK server are connected with the limit calculation library.

  • The functionality of market order management was greatly expanded:
    • starting with this version market orders to buy may be allowed for a preset list of securities in a class of instruments (e.g. for liquid assets only),
    • market orders to sell short may be allowed for a preset list of securities in a class of instruments,
    • it has become possible to set different percentages of additional fund reservation for market orders to buy for different instrument classes.

  • The Server acquired an option to ban instrument trading referring to their ISIN.
  • When checking price deviation from the center of a preset price range it is now possible to specify price deviation control in one direction only: for buy orders – upward, for sell orders – downward.
  • The ‘Portfolio collateral’ functionality (if Unified cash position module for spot and derivative markets is installed at the QUIK server) acquired a new collateral settlement mode for active orders. It makes it possible to take into account net position extension at order execution and reduce the volume of collateral needed for such orders.

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