New version of QUIK OMS released — 3.10.0

17 may 2017

Changes introduced in the latest QUIK OMS software version primarily enhance operational comfort. Some of the new features are:

  • Modeless order form. The previously used modal form for of OMS-order entailed some discomfort as it restricted simultaneous working with other tables and tabs of the QUIK workstation. Now users may easily switch back and forth among the opened form of OMS-order and other tabs of the workstation without the need to close the form.

  • Notifications. The system of user notifications has been upgraded for the convenience of all users. Notifications are flexibly set for all sorts of events connected to registration, change or cancelling of OMS-orders. It is possible to select a type of event notification — any combination of modal form, blinking line of order table and sound.
  • Table copies. To copy tables of OMS-orders and algo-orders one may use the keyboard shortcut combination “Ctrl+N” or context menu in the QUIK workstation.

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