QUIK digest for the first quarter of 2020

6 april 2020

Q1, 2020

Dear users of ARQA Technologies software products, we would like to offer to your attention the digest of the main changes in QUIK products and events that took place in the first quarter of 2020.


ARQA Technologies implemented QUIK software as a key part of the technological platform of Armenia Securities Exchange (AMX). At the current stage, QUIK software serves as AMX matching engine, provides services for receiving and processing clients instructions, distributing market data, preparing reports for trading participants as well as organizing online pre-trade risk management of trading operations. The new technological platform is currently used for primary placements on the Armenian public debt market.

The 16th annual seminar of ARQA Technologies took place in Moscow. More than 350 participants from 105 companies – clients and partners – attended the seminar which was dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of the company.

New Versions of Software

For the full list of changes in QUIK software products, see the News on the company’s website.

Trading Interfaces

Moscow Exchange FX Market trading interface — 12.10

The interface supports a new OTCF trading board (‘MOEX Currency: OTC Full amount’) aimed at EURUSD_SPT trading with trade volume of 5-10 mln.

Moscow Exchange Derivatives Market trading interface — 12.1

The interface supports changes in the Derivatives Market trading system (SPECTRA 6.4) which came into force on 17 February 2020.

Information Interfaces

Market data interface of Refinitiv (Elektron Data Platform) — 5.8

  • The interface delivers data from such trading venues as Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), BİST (Equities), Madrid Stock Exchange, and Wiener Börse. These markets can work with stocks and indexes (delivery of Level I and Level II quotes, real time transmission of anonymous trades).
  • There is a new capability for the clients who work on derivatives markets to filter option contracts by strikes in order to control the quantity of instruments transmitted to the server.

Service Modules

Report generation module — 3.32.1

  • When generating reports the interface takes into account a code of the company specified in the user rights.
  • In reports and the Module’s database the size of fields for order and trade numbers was increased up to 19 characters (support of changes introduced by Moscow Exchange to increase the maximum size of numbers for orders and trades).

Infrastructure Solutions

OMS Manager Module — 5.4 and 5.5

  • There is an expanded functionality for automatic OMS orders booking:
  • – automatic booking and generation of an aggregated booking trade at a point in time,

    – determination of the autobooking type (aggregared/per trade) depending on the type of linked trades,

    – scheduled generation of aggregated booking trades and all OMS orders and for all linked trades executed the day before and not booked earlier.

  • The OMS orders booking mode now can be set for a separate OMS class.
  • When the limiting by OMS classes is on, it has become possible to link exchange orders/trades with a different trading account to OMS orders.
  • There is an option to prohibit booking of OMS orders which have at least one active linked exchange order or algorithmic order.
  • It has become possible to process OMS orders with a new ‘Draft’ status which informs of a provisional record of the client’s order in the system.
  • There is a functionality for automatic execution of OMS orders by OTC-trades in case of a non-multiple exchange lot of the unfilled balance.
  • Algorithmic orders can be linked to an OMS order by the drag-and-drop functionality.
  • It has become possible to set a cross rate for a group of OMS orders chosen in the table. As part of the OMS Manager Module’s integration with the QORT system, only trades with the ‘Booked’ status are forwarded to the QORT system and directions of cross rates in trades are transmitted to the QORT.

Module of electronic execution of sales QUIK EES — 2.16

  • There is an option to transmit anonymous trades for instruments of the module. The trades are calculated as an average value of the best buy and sell prices.
  • The mode for activation of instrument linkages ‘By events’ allows forced activation of the next in priority linkage at the specified time.

Broker quotation system — 4.33

  • The interface supports a separate closing price source with an option to specify the price currency.
  • The accuracy was increased for the parameter of bond coupon amount transmission.

Integration Solutions

FIX adapter, FIX Client Connector and FIX drop copy program interfaces — 3.59

  • There is an additional subscription to ‘Buy yield’ and ‘Sell yield’ parameters from the Quotes table.
  • In FIX adapter and FIX drop copy, it has become possible to transmit ‘Anonymous trade volume’ and ‘Anonymous trade direction’ parameters.

FIX order router and Bloomberg VCON drop copy program interfaces — 5.1

  • It has become possible to filter FIX messages by a chosen tag’s condition.
  • A setting was added to manage the interfaces’ behavior depending on the tags’ values in FIX groups of multilevel nesting.

The FIX order router program interface acquired additional options:

  • to route a new order to a specified FIX connection depending on the amount specified in the transaction,
  • for orders with bonds, to specify in the amount tag an amount of bonds (in addition to a nominal volume),
  • not to cancel GTD orders when they have the ‘Done for Day’ status but to keep their current state.

User Terminals

QUIK workstation — 8.3.1

  • For SWAP instruments, the interest rate is now transmitted in the ‘Yield' parameter of the quotes window.
  • The parameters are displayed on the entry order form in a new way when the ‘Highlight key parameters’ setting is activated – only the price and the quantity are indicated in bold.
  • New parameters were added in the Table of cash liabilities and claims [Currency]:
  • – ‘Incoming execution’ – the net of the incoming credit and the incoming debit,

    – ‘Planned execution’ – the net of the buy value and the sell value.

  • The ‘Client workstation settings’ dialogue was optimized.

Mobile applications iQUIK X and QUIK Android X — 3.3

  • A list of quotes for instruments is available by default when the user first logs into the application. The list includes shares of Sberbank, Gazprom, MOEX, Lukoil, SurgutNefteGaz, and the following currency pairs: USD/RUB TOM, USD/RUB TOD, EUR/RUB TOM, EUR/RUB TOD.
  • In case of change in the set of biometric information parameters (in order to unlock the device), the next entry is now done by login and password.

Risk manager terminal module CoLibri — 4.21

  • A change was made in the price setting method for generation of orders to roll over positions using ‘REPO’ and ‘REPO with CCP’ modes.
  • It has become possible to save ‘RCV1’ and ‘RCV2’ margin indicators in the margin calls register database.
  • The terminals' performance was optimized.


QUIK server — 8.5 and 8.6

The improvements related to the ‘MD+’ positions keeping scheme (support of Bank of Russia Ordinance № 4928-U, dated 8 October 2018) are as follows:

  • there is a changed approach to calculation of risk indicators when checking operations with non-margin instruments and currencies,
  • there is an additional setting ‘Use own asset discounts for varieties with dependent prices’.

The changes made in the password receive/reset functionality for authentication by login and password:

  • user authentication queries now can be performed by specifying an email address or a telephone number,
  • it has become possible to set a temporary password validity period and the type of delivery (email or SMS),
  • password attack protection was added (the blocking of the user account after a specified number of failed authorization attempts on the server).


For all questions regarding the products, their terms of use and testing, please contact the Sales and Marketing Department of ARQA Technologies: +7-383-2191619, sales@arqatech.com.

For all questions on operation of QUIK software, please contact QUIK Technical Support Team: +7-383-2191606, quiksupport@arqatech.com.

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