New version of QUIK workstation — 8.3.1

13 january 2020

The main changes in the released version of the QUIK workstation:

  • For SWAP instruments, the interest rate is now transmitted in the ‘Yield' parameter of the quotes window.

  • The parameters are displayed on the entry order form in a new way when the ‘Highlight key parameters’ setting is activated – only the price and the quantity are indicated in bold.


  • New parameters were added in the Table of cash liabilities and claims [Currency]:
    • ‘Incoming execution’ – the net of the incoming credit and the incoming debit,
    • ‘Planned execution’ – the net of the buy value and the sell value.
  • The ‘Client workstation settings’ dialogue was optimized.

The full list of changes made in the QUIK Workstation 8.3.1.

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