New versions of QUIK server software — 8.5.0 and 8.6.0

26 march 2020

The main changes in the new versions of the QUIK server relate to the ‘MD+’ positions keeping scheme which is used to support Bank of Russia Ordinance № 4928-U, dated 8 October 2018:

  • There is a changed approach to calculation of risk indicators when checking operations with non-margin instruments and currencies.
  • There is an additional setting ‘Use own asset discounts for varieties with dependent prices’.

The changes were also made in the password receive/reset functionality for authentication by login and password:

  • User authentication queries now can be performed by specifying an email address or a telephone number.
  • It has become possible to set a temporary password validity period. The temporary password can be optionally delivered by email or SMS.
  • Password attack protection was added which blocks the user account after a specified number of failed authorization attempts on the server.

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