New version of OMS Manager Module — 5.5 released

25 february 2020

The released version of the OMS Manager Module has the following improvements:

    1. There is an expanded functionality for automatic OMS orders booking:

    • automatic booking and generation of an aggregated booking trade at a point in time,
    • determination of the autobooking type (aggregared/per trade) depending on the type of linked trades,
    • scheduled generation of aggregated booking trades and all OMS orders and for all linked trades executed the day before and not booked earlier.
    2. It has become possible to set a cross rate for a group of OMS orders chosen in the table.

    3. When the limiting by OMS classes is on, it is possible to link exchange orders/trades with a different trading account to OMS orders. The trading account of the linked order is automatically replaced with the OMS order’s trading account.

    4. Algorithmic orders can be linked to an OMS order by the drag-and-drop functionality.

    5. New ‘Commission’ and ‘Commission currency’ columns were added to the table of OMS trades which display the broker’s commission and the commission currency for OMS trades.

    6. There is an additional option to prohibit booking of OMS orders which have at least one active linked exchange order or algorithmic order.

As part of the OMS Manager Module’s integration with the QORT system there are the following innovations: only trades with the ‘Booked’ status are forwarded to the QORT system; directions of cross rates in trades are transmitted to the QORT.

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