ARQA Technologies released new webQUIK Workstation — version 7.1

27 august 2019

The new version of webQUIK supports the requirements of Bank of Russia Ordinance № 4928-U, dated 8 October 2018, which entered into force on 1 July 2019. As part of the improvement, a new ‘MD+’ positions keeping scheme was added. When the scheme is used, ‘RCV1’ (risk coverage value 1) and ‘RCV2’ (risk coverage value 2) client’s margin indicators are calculated for client portfolios. When checking purchasing power of client’s order, the adjusted ‘RCV1’ is checked for its validity. The corresponding parameters were added to the ‘Client portfolio’ terminal table.


Now users can request reports directly from the webQUIK trading terminal (the functionality is available if the Report generation module is a part of the broker’s configuration).


The new terminal version also supports a new ‘Transfer cash’ non-trade instruction (the functionality is available if the Non-Trade Instructions Module is a part of the broker’s configuration).


The following features were implemented to work with graphs in webQUIK:

  • change of orders/stop orders in graphs,
  • opening several graph windows for one instrument,
  • redesigned graphs for their better usability:
— the lines/bars are indented further from the right edge,
— the time scale is moved up,
— the functionality is improved to work with trend lines (moving, deleting, changing length, inclination, color, and width).

Besides that, the new version has a changed requirement for the minimum password length in order to comply with GOST R 57580.1−2017 (Security of Financial (banking) Operations. Information Protection of Financial Organizations. Basic set of Organizational and Technical Measures). Now it must be at least 8 characters long.

Finally, webQUIK acquired a password recovery service.

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