AFX special program interface

AFX special program interface allows getting access to FX Aggregator system (SmartFX) — a service providing FX liquidity that can be traded by clients and traders.

Module Functions

  • sending market and/or limit orders forwarded by QUIK users,
  • transmission of the information on changes in order status and order execution (trades),
  • transmission of Level I quotes (Quotes table) and Level II quotes (Level2Quote table).

The interface sets two secure SSL-connections with FX Aggregator system via FIX protocol:

  • MDC-connection that allows transmitting Level I and Level II quotes,
  • TRC-connection for order forwarding and transmitting information on operations.

To view quotes for currency pairs traded in FX Aggregator, standard tables and windows of QUIK user terminals are used, which support an additional trading instrument class ‘AFXCURR: Currency trading’.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Hardware Product name

Processor Intel Xeon Gold 5118 or better,


20 GB available hard disk space.

OS Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 (x64).

The indicated hardware and software requirements are minimal. With sufficient resources the interface can be installed on one PC with the QUIK server. For additional information, please contact QUIK Technical Support.

Use Options

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