KYC Module

KYC Module allows to store and transmit clients' information and their trading codes previously exported from broker’s accounting system into QUIK Workstation.

Module Functions

Information stored in Module’s database is used by broker’s employees for the following purposes:

  • search client quickly,
  • view client’s information,
  • filter client’s data in tables of positions, trades, orders and etc..

When Module is used with QUIK OMS system client’s information can be used for working with OMS orders.

Operating Principle

Information about clients is managed by broker in Module’s database. In this case client’s record may consist of unrestricted number of fields. Integration with broker’s accounting system should be set by default. Client’s data from the accounting system can be exported and updated in Module’s database via stored procedures.

Clients' information is available by search request in KYC instrument panel of QUIK Workstation. Module provides flexible system of rights to information about different client categories. It returns the information below to QUIK Workstation upon the request of authorized broker’s employee:

  • main clients’ information in the form of a search results table (identification code and client’s description),
  • extended client’s information in the form of an individual client’s profile,
  • information about trading codes of clients registered in different trading venues.



Hardware and Software Requirements

Hardware Product name

The module is installed on the same computer with the QUIK server.

Use Options

Purchase Managed services / System backup Hosting Testing
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