Special Solutions

ARQA Technologies has developed a number of solutions to set up and optimize complex trading infrastructures.

These solutions allow brokers to create and offer their clients new trading opportunities including a possibility of consolidating quotes from multiple trading venues (liquidity aggregation), automatic routing of clients’ orders according to a predefined algorithm, internalizing solutions, etc. All solutions make full use of the QUIK server functionality for monitoring the user’s integrated position, and applying all available approaches to risk management.

Solutions for Complex Trading Infrastructures

  1. QUIK SOR (Smart Order Router) is a module for automation of broker' activity on multiple trading venues according to the criterion of ‘best execution’.
  2. QUIK Matching Engine (QME) is a trading core used to match QUIK users' orders by rules of double counter auction. It can be used by brokers to create electronic trading platforms that provide their clients with access to additional classes of instruments.
  3. QUIK OMS (Order Management System) is a classical order management system designed for automation of interaction between clients, sales managers and traders.
  1. Module of electronic execution of sales QUIK EES allows a broker to organize an internal OTC market for end users based on exchange data processed in accordance with predefined algorithms. The module provides access to additional trading instruments and allows automating operations of the dealing desk of an investment company or bank.
  2. Algorithmic trading module allows its users to place and execute algorithmic orders in accordance with algorithms available in the system.
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