Reconciliation midQORT

midQORT enables position keeping based on information about trades received from the QUIK software complex and other systems. The functionality of midQORT allows reconciliation with data from various sources and adjustment of positions after reconciliation. The results are recorded in reconciliation reports. The information about performed reconciliations is kept in the system.

Reconciliation with reports from exchanges and clearing organizations

Reports from exchanges and clearing organizations are used for reconciliation of information about trades and positions at the end of a day, received from midQORT and other sources. This allows discovering discrepancies between data of internal accounting and exchange information as well as importing missing data from reports.

midQORT supports reconciliation with the following reports:

  • Moscow Exchange (for stock, derivatives and FX markets),

  • Saint-Petersburg Exchange (for Foreign securities market),

  • NSD.

Reconciliation with reports of servicing brokers

The system allows reconciliation of data with reports of servicing brokers. Reconciliation is normally performed by downloading a file in a particular format to midQORT.

Discrepancies discovered during reconciliation of reports from servicing brokers with the internal accounting data are recorded in a separate table. After reconciliation it is possible to adjust current parameters of positions in midQORT and download missing parameters.

Reconciliation of cash balance using the Intermediate Database (IDB)

To adjust parameters of positions in midQORT there is support for reconciliations with data from back-office and other external systems. An MS SQL database (Intermediate Database — IDB) is used for this purpose with data on positions downloaded from external systems. This mechanism makes it possible to record information about changes in cash and securities balance based on non-trading operations of clients and after accrual/writing off of commissions.

Data from external systems may be reconciled via the IDB both online and on schedule upon user‘s request.

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