Integration midQORT

There are various ways of integrating midQORT with external systems.

  1. Inbuilt integration with software complex QUIK

    The midQORT system is originally integrated with the front-office system QUIK as the main source of reference and market data for midQORT.

    The data exchange is reciprocal. Reference and market, as well as orders and trades data are uploaded from QUIK to midQORT online. Data on clients’and own positions at start of trading and position corrections are downloaded from midQORT to QUIK.

    The direct integration with QUIK allows solving the following tasks:

    • compilation of midQORT directories with data on traded instruments,
    • generation and downloading of trading limits to QUIK before start of trading,
    • downloading of cash limits for the derivatives market to QUIK,
    • online feed of market data and orders and trades data from QUIK,
    • sending notifications to QUIK users.

    It is carried out with the help of QORT2QUIK adapter that is part of QORT software product line.

  2. Use of intermediate data base

    This approach serves for integration with an unspecified software system. IDB integrates midQORT with other front-office systems (Transaq, ITS broker, ULLINK, WEB2L) as well as various external broker’s software (automated bank system, accounting department, etc.)

    IDB allows transmitting data on client positions, trade execution stages, corrections of positions after non-trading operations (cash and securities depositing/withdrawal, commissions) from accounting system to midQORT.

    midQORT may serve as universal storage of data on company’s on-exchange and OTC operations for other external systems. This information may be used for reports, which are not available from midQORT.

  1. Integration with platforms of reference and financial data providers

    Integration with various external sources of information is implemented in several system modules:

  2. Integration with external systems via FIX-protocol

    Upon client’s request, midQORT may be integrated with external systems via FIX-protocol (version 4.4). The integration is performed by ARQA Technologies specialists. To assess the possibility of such integration the specialists need to be acquainted with documentation for implementation of the external FIX solution (specification of FIX protocol version used by partner) as well as access to testing environment of the partner to test a resulting solution.

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