Module of integration with Cbonds Database

The module of integration with the databases of Cbonds group enables to obtain and use data on financial instruments and issuers in midQORT software complex.

Data content

  • Issuers (Russian and foreign public companies) — name, code.
  • Details on bonds and Eurobonds — issuer, registration codes (state, ISIN, CFI), number of issued securities, par value and currency, maturity date, etc. Bond data is ‘linked’ to issuers available in the system.
  • Coupon details — period, annual interest rate, schedule of payments.
  • Corporate events — full or partial redemption of the par value, coupon redemption.
Data delivery and updates

The content from Cbonds Database is delivered automatically at set intervals through web services using SOAP protocol.

The databases would only supply information which is not yet available in midQORT or update the information which has been delivered earlier.
Technical requirements

The module is installed on the same computer as the midQORT server.

Information about Cbonds group

Cbonds group is a leading provider of financial market data from Russia, CIS and developing markets.

Cbonds delivers precise and valid data as well as timely data base updates. Being client oriented Cbonds offers flexible prices and transparent document flow along with client support service concerning data content and technical issues.

To learn more about data available from Cbonds would be possible through a web-service trial access to the data bases (data on 10 issuers) valid for up to 1 month.


All questions concerning access to, scope and cost of any data supplied by Cbonds Database are to be addressed to the representative of Cbonds group Andrey Kartavtsev by phone +7 (812) 336 97 21 (ext. 119) or e-mail to

The partners in the project – Cbonds group and ARQA Technologies – are willing to provide testing opportunities on request. Requests for testing may be addressed to ARQA Technologies by phone +7 383 2191619 or e-mail to

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