Integration capQORT

There are various ways of integrating capQORT with external systems.

Ways of Integration

  1. Inbuilt integration with QUIK software complex

    The capQORT system has a two-way integration with the QUIK front-office system. This allows automatically compiling financial instrument directories based on the information available in QUIK and received from available trading venues, as well as receiving information on order execution online. Besides that, initial information about subaccounts and physical accounts can be uploaded from QUIK of a servicing broker. capQORT, in return, sends to QUIK trading orders of asset managers.

    The integration is possible with any number of execution brokers using QUIK software and is performed with the help of the QORT2QUIK adapter that is a part of the QORT software product line.

  2. Integration with reference and financial information providers

    Integration with various external sources of information is implemented in additional system modules:

    • The Module of integration with Reference United Data (RU DATA) allows importing data on issuers, securities (stocks, bonds, depository receipts, unit investment funds, and mortgage participation certificates), indices, ratings and rating scales, coupons, corporate events from the RU DATA database to capQORT at preset intervals.
    • The Module of integration with Cbonds Database allows importing data on issuers, bonds and Eurobonds, coupons, corporate events and ratings of securities and issuers, as well as market data on stocks, depository receipts, and indices from the Cbonds database to the system at preset intervals.
    • The Bloomberg DataLicense QORT program interface allows importing market data (quotes, prices and volumes of securities trading), reference data on issuers, ratings, securities and their parameters from Bloomberg to the system.
    • The Bloomberg VCON drop copy QORT program interface provides trades feed (primarily Eurobonds) to the capQORT database via the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL® service.
  1. Integration via Intermediate Database (IDB)

    The main way of data exchange with external platforms is the exchange via the Intermediate Database (IDB) which allows importing and exporting data in a specified format. To work with IDB, standard instruments for MS SQL are used.

    IDB allows transmitting data on balance of client accounts, exchange and OTC orders and trades, trade settlement stages, corrections of positions after non-trade operations (cash and securities depositing/withdrawal, commissions). capQORT exports data on orders and trades, trade execution reports and other reports to external systems (back-office, accounting department, etc.).

  2. Integration via web-services

    To integrate capQORT with the broker’s technological platform, there is support of data exchange with external systems via web-services. Requests to export/import information are sent by an external application to the capQORT server via the Internet or a local net by using an HTTPS -protocol (X509 Certificate). The web-service publishes supported operations in the WSDL format.

    Besides the data export/import to the system, this functionality supports internal procedures in capQORT. In particular, it allows uploading limits to QUIK for a new client.

    The functionality is available if the Web-services integration module is used.

  3. Integration with ‘Avancore: Unit Investment Funds’ software complex

    With this integration, capQORT exports information about instrument parameters and trades to the solution for automatic accounting of unit investment funds — ‘Avancore: Unit Investment Funds’.

    It is possible to separately export to ‘Avancore: Unit Investment Funds’ the information about OTC trades executed in capQORT and their settlement stages.

    There is support to import information about client positions from ‘Avancore: Unit Investment Funds’ to capQORT and perform reconciliation with this information.

  4. Integration with external systems via FIX-protocol

    Upon the client’s request, capQORT can be integrated with external systems via the FIX-protocol (version 4.4). The integration is performed by ARQA Technologies specialists. To assess the possibility of such integration, the specialists need to be provided with documentation for implementation of the external FIX solution (specifications of the FIX protocol version used by the partner) as well as with access to testing environment of this partner to test a resulting solution.

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