There are various ways of integrating capQORT with external systems.

Types of integration

  1. Inbuilt integration with software complex QUIK

    The capQORT system has a two-way integration with QUIK. It allows automated compilation of financial instrument directories based on data in QUIK, received from available trading venues, and getting information about order execution online. What is more, the QUIK of execution broker may provide preliminary information on subaccounts and physical accounts. capQORT in turn sends managers’ trading orders to QUIK.

    Integration is possible with any number of execution brokers using QUIK software. It is carried out with the help of QORT2QUIK adapter that is part of QORT software product line.

  2. Integration with providers of reference and financial information

    Integration with different external sources of information is provided by additional system modules:

    • Module of integration with Reference United Data (RU DATA) allows importing data on issuers, securities (stocks, bonds, depository receipts, unit investment funds, and mortgage participation certificates), indices, ratings and rating scales, coupons, corporate events from RU DATA database to capQORT at preset intervals.
    • Module of integration with Cbonds Database allows importing data on issuers, bonds and Eurobonds, coupons, corporate events and ratings of instruments and issuers, market data on stocks, depository receipts, indices from Cbonds database to the system at preset intervals.
    • Bloomberg DataLicense QORT program interface allows importing market data (quotes, prices and volumes of security trading), reference data on issuers, ratings, securities and their parameters from Bloomberg to the system.
    • Bloomberg VCON drop copy QORT program interface provides trade feed (primarily Eurobonds) to the capQORT data base by BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL® service.
  1. Integration through the intermediate data base (IDB)

    This approach is quite standard for QORT line of products. It manages integration with an unspecified software system of the asset management company: accounting department, back-office.

    The intermediate data base integrates capQORT with the external risk system. Reports on controls passed in external risk system may be imported via IDB in capQORT online.

  2. Integration with Software Package ‘Avancore: Unit Investment Funds’

    As a result of integration of two systems, capQORT exports data on instrument parameters and trades in ‘Avancore: Unit Investment Funds’.

    Data on OTC trades executed in the system and their settlement stages may be separately exported in ‘Avancore: Unit Investment Funds’.

    From ‘Avancore: Unit Investment Funds’ capQORT may import data on client positions and do reconciliation with them.

  3. Integration with external systems via FIX-protocol

    Upon client’s request, capQORT may be integrated with external systems via FIX-protocol (version 4.4). The integration is performed by ARQA Technologies specialists. To assess the possibility of such integration the specialists need to be acquainted with documentation for implementation of the external FIX solution (specification of FIX protocol version used by partner) as well as access to testing environment of the partner to test the resulting solution.

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