System Monitoring

QORT internal monitoring

QORT has a functionality to monitor the system work and operations of the users.

The functionality allows keeping track of information:

  • on users’ connections (technological and standard),
  • on versions of terminals and users' terminal components,
  • on tables ordered by users and their rights to these tables,
  • on all requests and their processing (including those currently being executed),
  • on current delays in data download and processing of requests on the server as well as on the delay statistics,
  • on a current state of the QORT server services.

The monitoring functionality enables the following operations:

  • system operation management,
  • disconnection of connected users,

  • dispatch of messages to user terminals,
  • automatic dispatch of emails about specified events during the QORT session.

API for connection to third party monitoring systems

The QORT platform can be integrated with a general corporate monitoring system. For such integration, the platform is equipped with a universal program interface (API) which allows connecting QORT to various monitoring systems (for example, Zabbix).

The functionality is developed on the basis of a web server which runs C scripting language programs. The monitoring system works with this server via an agent. Starting with Zabbix version 5, the agent is delivered with API. For other Zabbix versions and monitoring systems, development of agents by the client’s IT specialists is required.

API allows monitoring the following QORT parameters:

  1. number of client connections,

  2. number of connected server components,

  3. list of urgent problems,

  4. system-wide parameters (available RAM, memory capacity, available hard disk space, etc.),

  5. database parameters (number of blockings, total process duration, etc.),

  1. server component parameters (number of requests, memory capacity in net clipboards, etc.),

  2. server component metrics (check of the component’s connection to the intermediate database, check of the component’s connection to the QUIK server),

  3. events (arbitrary text messages with varying degrees of importance).

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