New versions of Report generation module 3.16 and 3.18

18 november 2015

The new versions of Report generation module acquired additional options to use digital signature: 

  • Launching the SignFile program from the command parameter line allows automation of file generation and signing with a digital signature procedure.
  • There is a possibility to confirm received from broker files with a password sent to a client via SMS-message. This may serve as a variant of file confirmation with a digital signature. The functionality is available if Alert dispatch module is installed.
There are modifications in some reports:

  • Reports on orders. The «Original number» field was added to indicate numbers of orders from Moscow exchange derivative market, transferred to the Т+1 trading session of the evening clearing. Now it is possible to specify the price type and price currency.
  • Reports on stop orders. Now, while indicating stop price, terms for ’take profit and stop limit‘ one cancel other orders will be taken into account.

  • Reports on client’s address orders. It contains data on address orders of negotiated and REPO types of one or several clients over a specified period of time.
  • Reports on sent files. Adding data on UID of the receiver that signed the file.
  • Reports on transactions. For REPO trades there is a new «Amount of REPO» field that will contain the amount deducted from the trade, calculated as a difference between «REPO rate» and «Amount of % REPO». The «Quotation currency» field is renamed «Par value currency», also two new fields, «Transaction currency» and «Settlement currency», were added. The «Counterparty» field is renamed «Partner» and now it will indicate not the counterparty’s exchange code but a name.
  • Reports on portfolios. Supporting correct portfolio calculation if there are instruments with different par value currency and settlement currency. 
Moreover, defects of the previous versions were corrected.

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