New version of QUIK server software — 5.14

29 august 2017

The main improvement in the new version of the QUIK server software is connected with the ‘Unified Collateral Pool’ project of the Moscow Exchange and, in particular, with updating of Moscow Exchange FX market trading system.

Now the server supports limiting of client operations in the new trading modes for currency pairs with the help of fixing (available on installation of version 11.7.0 of Moscow Exchange FX market trading interface).

Besides that, in addition to stream traffic encoding between the QUIK Workstation and QUIK server via SSL certificates and encoding programs integrated in OS Windows, the server supports encoding via OpenSSL cryptography library. With OpenSSL, it is possible to store the certificates outside the OS register on QUIK server platform. That simplifies their installation and servicing.

Also, the QUIK Access Server software has been fully converted to x64 architecture.

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