QUIK Functionality

The QUIK Software Package is a front-office broker platform designed to help organize the broker's own operations and provide services to its clients on Russian and international financial markets.

The software package is used by various financial organizations, such as banks, investment and management companies, and commodity traders. Overall, about 300 companies worldwide use the QUIK Software Package and provide tens of thousands of clients with access to trading venues via remote user applications.

The Core Functionality

QUIK server comes with an extensive list of default features. These features allow brokers to trade various financial instruments on Russian and international financial markets.


QUIK Software Package provides access to Russian and foreign trading venues via a single interface.

Specific Solutions

Within the QUIK family, we have created solutions for complex trade infrastructures. Such solutions include Algorithmic Trading Module, OMS, SOR, Broker Quote System, and QME fast trading core.


The system provides a possibility of integration both with other products of our company and with external applications, such as exchange and non-exchange trading software, accounting systems and risk management systems, analytical platforms, client's trading applications, technology partners' networks, and other broker systems.

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