New version of the QUIK Android user application — 1.5 released

15 march 2016

The new version of the QUIK Android user application is uploaded faster, it reduces the Internet-traffic and the load on the Android-device due to the network subsystem optimization and to limiting a number of instrument classes received from the QUIK-server.

To simplify a new order entering instead of the unified order form now there is a choice between three order types: limit, market and conditional. Moreover, now the form indicates the maximum number of lots which is calculated by the amount of own resources of a client and available margin funds. The calculated maximum can be put into the “Quantity” field.

Similarly to the QUIK workstation functionality, in the new application version a client portfolio can be calculated by various calculation tags and currencies. Also the error was eliminated in portfolio accounting for instruments settled in the currency different from the par value currency.

To choose alerts in the new QUIK Android version you may use a ‘swipe’ gesture. Push-alerts can be accompanied by a sound signal.

This version supports a standard trader message functionality.

At users’ request an option was added to hide a volume chart. Also some defects of the previous versions were corrected.


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