Improvements in QORT products made in December, 2023

18 january 2024

We offer to your attention the main improvements in solutions based on the QORT software platform.

Automated back-office backQORT

REPO Trades

  • There is an option to download REPO trades with open dates from QUIK.


  • The back-office supports conversion to .xlsx format for the following reports:

— ‘Consolidated sheet on calculation of personal income tax’,

— ‘PIT on withdrawal’,

— ‘Interpretation of form 2-PIT’,

— ‘PIT register’


  • There is a new report ‘Accounting journal for income receipts and distributions of financial instruments’.


  • It became possible to set the source of information in unexecuted tax corrections when processing non-trade instructions for withdrawal received from the Non-Trade Instructions module.

System Usability

  • The ‘PIT on withdrawal’ report can be generated in the ‘Register of client instructions’.
  • It is possible to update reference data for the list of assets via the NSD information services integration module by using the context menu of the terminal’s ‘Assets’ table.

Middle-office of an asset management company capQORT

REPO Trades

  • There is an option to download REPO trades with open dates from QUIK.


  • There is a new ‘Real Estate’ asset type.


  • The ‘Management efficiency report’ was added, which displays analytical indicators of portfolio management:

— Subaccount,

— Model portfolio of subaccount,

— Portfolio management efficiency metrics,

— Portfolio return % per year,

— Model portfolio return, % per year,

— Risk-free return, % per year,

— Minimum acceptable return (MAR), % per year

System Usability

  • The middle-office supports new types of classifiers: numeric and list (with an option to set filtering of groups of financial instruments with respect to the classifier value).

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