Module of integration with API NSD

The Module of integration with API NSD allows automatic download and update of reference data on issuers, securities serviced and no longer serviced in NSD and data on related to them corporate events of the ‘Accrued interest payment’ block from the National Settlement Depository’s (NSD) database to QORT products.

Reference Data Content

  • Data on issuers: LEI code, unique issuer code, Taxpayer Identification Number, short and full name of the organization/last name and initials (and full name), country of the issuer, address and registration date of the legal entity/individual entrepreneur, legal status, OKPO (All-Russian Classifier of enterprises and organizations), OKATO (Russian Classification on Objects of Administrative Division), KPP (Tax Registration Code), BIC (Bank Registration Code), OGRN (Primary State Registration Number).
  • Data on assets, bonds, depository receipts, investment units: asset classification (class, type, kind), country, full and short name, registration codes (state, ISIN, CFI), mentioning in documents and reports, issue information (number, quantity of securities, volume), issuer, underlying asset, issue series, par value currency, outstanding par value, dates (of registration, issue, redemptions, offer), volume of the underlying asset in the first derivative securities, time basis.
  • Data on coupons: period, annual interest rate, amount.

Data Delivery and Updates

The NSD service uses the REST API technology. The data are transmitted via the HTTPS protocol.

The module automatically updates the reference data via API NSD at the fixed time. During another download, the module updates only the data changed or added to the NSD database after the last software connection.

Technical Requirements

The module is installed on the same computer with the backQORT server.

Trial Access

To get a trial access, fill in the form on the NSD’s website.

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