New version of OMS Manager Module — 5.3.0 released

8 november 2019

The following improvements were made in the new version of the OMS Manager Module:

  • The module acquired a mode to work without the client directory. This mode does not require keeping the client directory in QUIK OMS or in the KYC Module which allows registering OMS orders by any client code.

  • The following options were added in the OMS order form:

    — display of the broker commission when OMS order limiting on the QUIK server is on,

    — flexible setting of the ‘Execute’ context menu. Now it is possible to specify sets of menu items, change their names and define sets of classes for execution.

  • OMS order execution now can also be performed via OTC-trades with counterparties. A ‘Counterparty’ field was added in the trade form which is compiled from the directory set in the module’s database.

  • Processing of OMS orders with the ‘Executed’ status can be suspended. This may be required, for example, when a client is planning to continue buying or selling but the OMS order cannot be booked for its reopening and increasing of its quantity.

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