New version of OMS Manager module — 5.18

18 april 2022

This updated version of the OMS Manager module has the following improvements:

  • It has become possible to display not processed trades which are subject to currency conversion in the integration with the FX Convertor module.
    If the conversion for the trades has not been done for some reason, such trades will be displayed in the table of OMS trades with the ‘Not processed’ status. This will allow listing such trades, figuring out the reasons of the conversion stoppage, and restarting the process.
  • When working with OMS orders registered via the FIX adapter program interface, it is possible:

    — to transmit a comment on the OMS order cancelation entered by users with ‘Sales’ and ‘Trader’ roles,
    — to send an e-mail about rejection of the OMS order cancelation or replacement directly to the client who initiated these operations with the OMS order.

  • There is a possibility to register OMS orders via the FIX adapter program interface configured with the KYC module.
  • The users with ‘Trader’ and ‘Middle-officer’ roles can accept for execution OMS orders with the ‘Canceled’ status and perform all operations: execution, removing /detach of trades. The improvement is useful when it is necessary to detach the ‘mistaken’ trade from the canceled OMS order and generate a new OTC trade with correct parameters.
  • The export table of the Module’s database, to which the data on OMS orders is uploaded, acquired the ‘FIX status of OMS order’ parameter. The improvement is useful when the external system requires the information on the status sent to the FIX client.

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