New version of OMS Manager module — 5.17

1 march 2022

The released versions of the OMS Manager module and QUIK workstation acquired a functionality to set a form structure for OMS orders, which allows:

  • creating an order form design for personal needs,
  • adding arbitrary fields from the OMS order table to the order form,
  • controlling the behavior of fields on the order form.

An option was added to specify an arbitrary date and time of the instruction reception from the client during registration of a new OMS order. To do this, a separate field with the date and time of instruction reception can be added in the OMS order form. This option may be useful in case of the client instruction received at one time, and the registration – at different time. This requires specifying precise time of the instruction reception from the client.

There is a possibility to suspend the execution of one or several subsidiary OMS orders within a group of OMS orders and then resume the execution. The execution of OMS orders can be suspended and resumed only by Sales’ request. The Trader accepts or rejects the requests.

For derivatives OMS classes, it has become possible to add a field with a collateral volume for the order to the OMS order form.

Besides that, with full execution of the OMS order, the feature of the ‘DoneForDay’ message sent to a FIX client can be configured in the context of client codes and OMS classes.

During execution of the OMS order by the ‘Iceberg’ algorithmic order, it is possible to set a work interval. Also, the module supports the ‘Good Till Time’ expiration date.

An original trade exchange number is now placed in booking trades for OMS. This improvement will allow the Market Data Export module’s database to get the number of an exchange trade.

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