New version of OMS Manager module — 5.13 released

6 july 2021

The main improvements in the released version of the OMS Manager module relate to the work with orders:

  • there is a new mode for automatic OMS orders booking. When activated, OMS orders are booked right after their status is changed to ‘Completed’, after the session closure or after scheduled ‘Autobooking’ regardless of the order status,
  • there is a possibility to register a new OMS order in the context menu of ‘Account state’ and ‘Positions in instruments’ tables of the QUIK workstation,
  • it has become possible to set a number of menu items for the OMS class by using the ‘Execute’ button on the OMS order form and in the context menu of the OMS orders table,
  • a panel of final parameters displayed in the bottom part of the OMS orders table now can be set flexibly (it is possible to choose only parameters required to be displayed).

Besides that, the module supports the work with bonds with an indexed par value. The volume of orders and trades for such instruments is calculated by parameters of the OMS instrument with account of the par value on the delivery date.

Also, this version allows accounting an exchange commission for OMS trades.

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