New versions of mobile terminals iQUIK X and QUIK Android X — 3.6 released

9 july 2021

In the updated mobile applications iQUIK X and QUIK Android X, it is now possible to draw horizontal and vertical lines, and trend lines when working with charts. This functionality includes choice of the line color and width and adding of hints.

AndroidX3.6.png AndroidX3.6-2.png 

The mobile terminals work with the Bookbuilding module. If this module is a part of the broker’s QUIK server configuration, their clients can forward orders to participate in offerings, track their status, and receive push alerts triggered by offerings.

 AndroidX3.6-3.png AndroidX3.6-4.png

Also, a new ‘List of portfolio quotes’ setting was added. When the setting is activated, a ‘Portfolio’ list appears on the ‘Quotes’ screen which contains portfolio instruments of the user.

The information on commissions is now displayed right on the order entry screen.

Besides that, it has become possible to show a password in authorization and password change screens (the password is hidden by default).

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