Data Centers

ARQA Technologies’ Data Centers are located in Moscow.

Two data centers are operational in Moscow at DataSpace (DataSpace Partners, LLC) and M1 (Stack Telecom). They provide access to Russian trading venues, FIS Global Network, and services of Iress and Refinitiv.

The data center at DataSpace is the largest service center for front-office systems used on SaaS basis in Russia, both by the number of companies and the number of simultaneously serviced end users. The M1 based center allows to back up services provided by the data center at DataSpace.

All software in the data centers is provided and maintained by ARQA Technologies. As for user right management and business logic adjustment, all of those are performed by the staff of a client company.

In the SaaS mode all required software (including that of third parties), equipment and communication channels are provided by the data centers at no extra charge.

Connection to the data centers may be implemented via a dedicated line or over the Internet including a secure VPN-channel. System backup is provided for all critical equipment. Special software is used to ensure automatic switch-over (recovery) in the event of failure. The data is backed up on a daily basis.

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