Client questionnaire forming module

The Module provides functionality for filling a client’s questionnaire, for keys generation and for sending requests for «Message/PRO» electronic signature certificate («Signal–KOM» company), and their registration via broker’s web-site: a client’s form is needed for broker’s back-office and a request for certificate — for the Certifying Center.

Method of Operation

  1. A client downloads the QUIK Workplace distribution kit from broker’s web-site. For the first launch the invitation to fill a form appears on the screen. After a questionnaire is filled, the system suggests to generate the keys and to request a certificate. Clients’ information and a request for certificate are being transmitted to a broker’s web-site and saved in the “transitional” database.
  2. If a client uses this Module, then the new menu item with the following features appears on the toolbar:

    • “Form filling” is used to register changes in personal data, 
    • “Key changing” is used for a new key generation and for sending a request for certificate, 
    • “Certificate installment” is used to implement mandatory procedure after sending the form or changing a key.
  1. A server part of the Module checks the entry of new recordings in the “transitional” database, and transmits the received information to an automated brokerage back-office and the request for certificate to the Certifying Center.
  2. If a broker uses backQORT the opportunity of automated data import from the form into back-office as well as setting a client’s account in QUIK is provided. Thus, with help of this Module, a new client registration in the broker’s accounting system and in QUIK can be automated and simplified to the maximum extent. The content of a questionnaire is coordinated with a broker.
  3. The Module requires database that is separated from a QUIK server database. Information exchange is carried out via ODBC. There are no restrictions on database type.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Hardware Product name

The module is installed on the same computer with the QUIK server.

Use Options

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