Client questionnaire forming module

The module allows clients to fill in questionnaires of a set form, generating keys and sending requests for the ‘Message/PRO’ electronic signature certificate (by ‘Signal-KOM’ company) with their registration on the broker’s web-site: the client form is for the broker’s back-office and the request for the certificate — for the Certifying Center.

Operating Principle

  1. The client downloads the QUIK workstation distribution package from the broker’s web-site. With the first start of the program, the client is invited to fill in the form. Once the questionnaire is filled in, the system suggests generating electronic signature keys and the request for the certificate. The client’s details and the request for the certificate are transmitted to the broker’s web-server and saved in the ‘intermediate’ database.
  2. When the QUIK client uses the module, a new menu item appears on the toolbar with the following options:
    • ‘Fill in the form’ — to register changes in personal data,
    • ‘Change the key’ — to generate a new user key and send a request for the certificate,
    • ‘Install the certificate’ — a mandatory procedure after sending the form or changing the key.

  1. The server part of the module checks new records in the ‘intermediate’ database and transmits the information from received forms to the automated broker’s back-office and the request for the certificate — to the Certifying Center.
  2. If the broker uses the back-office backQORT, it is possible to automatically import data from the form into the back-office and create the client’s account in QUIK. Thus, the module automates and simplifies registration of a new client in the broker’s accounting system and in QUIK. The questionnaire form is agreed with the broker.
  3. The module requires a database separate from the QUIK server database. Information exchange is carried out via ODBC. There are no restrictions for DBMS.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Hardware Software

The module is installed on the same computer with the QUIK server.

Use Options

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