Corporate event accounting

Operations in the system based on corporate events:

  1. Determination of the balance of financial instruments affected by a corporate event on depositor’s  account.

  2. Receipt of depositor’s instructions on participation in the corporate event.

  3. Initiation of inventory operations: entry/ removal records for financial instruments.

  1. Generation of report forms:

    • internal — client list for dividend restitution,

    • for clients — data on D1, D2 coefficients, payment verification, dividend income verification.

For information exchange with other depositaries including NSD, entering and alteration of the following data:

  • corporate event description,
  • notices,
  • depositor’s instructions,
  • sets of instructions.

The information on corporate event may enter the system:

  • via depoQORT terminal,
  • via Intermediate Data Base,
  • based on data recieved via NSD web services.

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