Integration depoQORT

The following are the ways depoQORT is integrated with external systems:

Types of integration

  1. Integration via intermediate data base (IDB)

    depoQORT may be integrated with external systems (accounting, back- and middle-offices) via the universal means of integration for all QORT products — the intermediate data base. It works both for export and for import of information and represents MS SQL database with a table of certain format.

    The database is fully documented.

  1. Ready integration with the back-office backQORT

    The depoQORT system is integrated by default with the back office backQORT. The back office supplies depoQORT with all necessary data for inventory-taking operations.

  2. Integration with NSD web-services

    The National Security Depositary (NSD) provides information on corporate events via their web-services.

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