One of the major tasks solved by backQORT is to generate reports. The system can generate regulatory, internal and client's reports.

backQORT reports comply with the requirements of the regulator in Russia.

ARQA Technologies can promptly modify reports upon clients' request. Moreover, backQORT includes an open and fully documented storage of all information, which can be used by the broker to prepare any reports required.

Regulatory reports

The section of regulatory reports for Russia includes generation of reports for the Bank of Russia Financial Markets Service (SBRFR) and allows for monitoring of the operations and business partners in compliance with the requirements of FSFM. Generation of XBRL reports is also supported.

Examples of regulatory reports

  • Form 0420415
  • Form 0420416
  • Form 0420417
  • Form 0420418
  • Form 0420422
  • Form 0420427
  • Data on qualified investors
  • Registers and sub-registers of internal accounting in accordance with the Order of the FSFM of Russia No 32/12 пз-н

backQORT allows generation of report forms in XBRL format. Initial data for report forms is converted into csv files for upload to the Bank of Russia software (‘Converter’, ‘XBRL Questionnaire-editor’).

Upon client’s request, some report forms may be improved for uploading in csv files to such third party XBRL editors as Fujitsu Interstage xWand, ERP Band and other.

FSFM control

  • Monitoring operation under FSFM requirements
  • Monitoring Business Partners on the FSFM List

Personal income tax calculation for a broker and his clients

To calculate the tax, various methods can be used (FIFO, LIFO, by weighted average price), a detailed transcript of settlements is given. For cash withdrawals, it is possible to calculate the tax online.

Examples of reports

  • Reports for tax authorities in XML format
  • 2-NDFL statements, Registry of the Income Data
  • 6-NDFL statements
  • Detailed reports on tax calculation
  • End-of-the-year tax payments
  • NDFL register for the year

Internal accounting

Internal accounting includes reports for broker's departments: risk management department, client department, accounting department, etc.

Examples of reports for risk managers

  • Client's requests to add funds necessitated by the margin values falling below the admissible level.
  • Journal of client's debt repayment with the statistics on sent orders and their repayment.
Examples of reports for the client department

  • Consolidated client report for a certain period of time on stock, terminal and currency markets.
Examples of reports for the accounting department

  • Reports on commissions per transaction reflecting commissions collected from clients for executed transactions,
  • Balance sheets for monetary funds, securities and commissions.
Examples of agent reports

  • Reports on agent's remuneration per each client for a specific date or period,
  • Act of services rendered by an agent that includes the amount of the agent's commission fee and the services rendered under respective contracts.

Client's reports

Client's reports include broker's reports, reports on trust management and various registers.

Client's reports can be generated automatically and sent according to a preset schedule by e-mail or to the trader's terminal when it is convenient for the broker and the client.

It is possible to generate reports for a specific date or for any range of dates for a client's sub-account, a client or groups of clients. You can add customizable messages to your reports generated in backQORT. It is possible to set up custom templates for separate client groups.

Report example in the XLS format.
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