QUIK digest for the first quarter of 2023

18 april 2023

Q1, 2023

Dear users of ARQA Technologies software products, we would like to offer to your attention the digest of the main changes in QUIK products made in the first quarter of 2023.


The 19th annual seminar of ARQA Technologies took place in Moscow. More than 350 participants from 104 companies attended the event.

Two new videos about the functionality of mobile terminals iQUIK X и QUIK Android X are published in the video library of ARQA Technologies (on the website and YouTube channel):

The QUIK user application for mobile devices — QUIK Android X — became available for download in the Russian store of mobile applications RuStore.

New Software

MOEX Dealing drop copy program interface

The new interface serves to deliver information about trades from the MOEX Dealing service to the QUIK server.

New Functionality in Business Solutions

Update in the service for execution of OTC trades QDealing allows its users to set ‘Good till cancel’ condition of execution when entering the orders, which makes it much easier to maintain indicative quotations.

New Versions of Software

For the full list of changes in QUIK software products, see the News on the company’s website.

Trading Interfaces

Moscow Exchange Securities Market (Main Market Sector) trading interface — 13.12 and 13.13

  • The interface supports new trading modes:

– OTC boards for equities market instruments which cannot be admitted to organized trading,

– boards on the bonds market for execution of negotiated trades in the ‘Two way trades with CCP’ mode,

– ‘REPO with CCP with GCP’ modes with settlements in CNY.

Moscow Exchange FX Market trading interface — 13.12

The interface works with new currency pairs: platinum/Russian ruble (PLT/RUB) and palladium/Russian ruble (PLD/RUB).

New version of Moscow Exchange Derivatives Market trading interface — 12.11

The new version supports innovations of the Derivatives market trading system (SPECTRA 7.9):

  • a possibility to set a coefficient of Initial Margin for underlying assets by using a new transaction — ‘Changing parameters of firm's clients for basis contract’,
  • an option to transmit the ‘Swap rate’ parameter from the source which is updated once per minute and provides the participants with the information on indicative financial performance of perpetual futures contracts.

Additional improvements:

  • the ‘Real last clearing quotation’ parameter is transmitted for stock options and shows a detailed clearing price,
  • it became possible to limit transmission of data to the QUIK server by a specified login of PlazaII gateway.

SPB Exchange trading interface (Foreign securities market) — 2.19

The interface trades Hong Kong ETFs.

Service Modules

Non-Trade Instructions module — 20.7

The module works with PostgreSQL DBMS.

Infrastructure Solutions

New versions of infrastructure solutions marked with “*” work with PostgreSQL DBMS starting from the first quarter of 2023.

OMS Manager module — 6.1*

  • When canceling an OMS order registered via the FIX adapter program interface, it is possible to automatically cancel related trades.
  • In the OMS plug-in of the QUIK Administrator user rights’ editor, ‘Substitution to OMS order entry dialog box’ and ‘Substitution to OMS order execution dialog box’ allow selecting a specific parameter and defining a set of substitution conditions.

QUIK Matching Engine — 1.26* and 1.27

  • The module acquired a functionality which allows filtering orders and trades by the company’s code.
  • There is an option to trade bonds in the currency different from the par value one (including a possibility of filling in the Cross rates dictionary).

Broker quotation system — 4.46*

  • This version allows generating reports on executed trades by using the Module’s plug-in in the QUIK Administrator user rights’ editor.

Algorithmic trading module — 5.4*

  • The Module allows specifying a negative and zero rate when placing REPO with CCP algo orders.

Bookbuilding module — 1.8*

  • For offering orders of bonds registered in the price and quantity mode, which have a different face value and settlement currency, the Module reblocks clients' funds at startup, considering the current cross-rate on the QUIK server.
  • The ‘Reference’ parameter can be filled in negotiated orders when resubmitting orders to the trading system.

web2QUIK module — 2.17

  • The module allows viewing news filtered by instruments in mobile terminals iQUIK X and QUIK Android X.
  • This version improved the service performance and eliminated potential security threats.

User Terminals

QUIK workstation — 10.1

  • The workstation calculates the purchasing power taking into account new commission rates of the Moscow Exchange Securities Market.

webQUIK workstation — 7.11

  • When forwarding non-trade instructions to withdraw funds, the check is performed for parameters manually entered in ‘Recipient bank BIC’ and ‘Recipient: a/c’ fields.
  • It became possible to disable the ‘Confirmation of a new order’ window.

Mobile terminals iQUIK X and QUIK Android X — 4.6 and 4.7

The improvements in both terminals:

  • The search results display full names of instruments and maturity dates of bonds.
  • The switch to the instrument parameters window from the search window was implemented.
  • It is possible to use screen rotation to view the quotes table.
  • ‘Stop orders’ are renamed ‘Contingent orders’.
  • ‘Orders’ and ‘Trades’ tabs now contain information on yield for bonds.
  • The order of the parameters displayed in the Settings window was updated for its usability.
  • Terminals allow replacing derivatives market instruments with near expiration dates.
  • It became possible to select client codes to display on the 'Portfolio' window.
  • When searching an instrument, the terminals display dates of early buyback (for bonds) and expiration (for the derivatives market instruments).

Besides that, when working on MacBook, iQUIK X supports the Enter key in the second authentication factor dialogue box.

Risk manager terminal module CoLibri — 4.29

New features of the position closing functionality:

  • it is checked whether the order price gets into the ‘price range’ if ‘Highest tolerable price’ and ‘Lowest tolerable price’ parameters are available,
  • the module allows limiting the list of instruments for closure of positions on the derivatives market to a list explicitly specified in the template,
  • it is possible to close option positions at a theoretical price in the absence of a counter bid/offer,
  • on the FX market, a position can be closed by using a small lot mode for the position’s part non-multiple of one lot in the main mode,
  • it is possible to automatically cancel all active orders which prevent from closing positions to the required level.


For all questions regarding the products, their terms of use and testing, please contact the Sales and Marketing Department of ARQA Technologies: +7-383-2191619, sales@arqatech.com.

For all questions on operation of QUIK software, please contact QUIK Technical Support Team: +7-383-2191606, quiksupport@arqatech.com.

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