New version of web-terminal webQUIK workstation 7.6 released

22 september 2021

The updated webQUIK terminal has the ‘Account state’ table which is convenient for users to view the state of own portfolios.


New options were added to work with charts:

  • an updated menu allows setting display of own positions on the chart,
  • there are new ‘Alligator’ and ‘Fractals’ indicators of technical analysis,
  • it has become possible to build more than one indicator of an average marketable asset price for a specified period of time (no more than 3),
  • the chart now can be scaled with mouse.

Also, new options were added to work with tables:

  • adjustment of the Level2Quotes table’s width,
  • transfer of table columns beyond the visible edge of a computer monitor (with automatic shift of a scrollbar).

This version of the webQUIK terminal works with ‘REPO with CCP’ classes.

Besides that, messages from the trading system are no longer saved between operational sessions in webQUIK which excludes their duplication on the user’s side.

The following innovations were made in the mobile version of the webQUIK workstation:

  • display of the ‘Profit/Loss’ parameter,
  • saving of the instrument chosen last by the user during the next log-in to webQUIK.

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