New version of web terminal webQUIK Workstation 7.0 released by ARQA Technologies

1 april 2019

The main innovations in the new version of the webQUIK Workstation are aimed at improved ergonomics. In particular, they relate to the interface design (of authorization window and main workspace as well).

A choice of a language and color schemes for the screen is now made with the help of buttons in the authorization window. The functions to change a password and profile are removed to the ‘Setting’ option of the terminal menu. And the form for password change displays password safety requirements.


The webQUIK Workstation interface became more user-friendly and has a new control menu with redesigned buttons. It is divided into a main (horizontal on the right) and additional one (vertical on the right):


The Quotes table includes the following changes:

  • It is now possible to work with several lists of instruments. They have become much easier to generate and compile. For example, a new field ‘Search an instrument’ helps to add together several instruments to a list.
  • An instrument chosen from the list on the left panel is now ‘highlighted’ in tables and displayed on the graph.
  • For bonds the ‘Expiration date’ and ‘Days to maturity’ parameters are transmitted to the table.
  • It has become possible to set color indication for instrument prices.

Besides that, the terminal acquired a new ‘Alerts’ table (available if Alert dispatch module is a part of the broker’s QUIK configuration). Now a client can set SMS alerts ‘By parameters’ and ‘By orders’.

The entry order/stop order form was completely modified. Particularly, it displays order volume calculated by parameters specified in the form. Availability of particular entry fields is defined by the order type.


Also a new window was added for confirmation of orders after sending:


Other improvements of the version include:

  • the graph functionality allows deactivating and changing the color of axis lines,
  • there is a possibility to work with fractional numbers of instruments,
  • general terminology (tables and their parameters, order entry window, order parameters) of the web terminal was adjusted to the terminology of the main QUIK Workstation.

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