New version of web2QUIK module — 6.1

28 october 2016

ARQA Technologies released a new version of web2QUIK module — 6.1.

The new Module version allows users to withdraw cash by bank transfer (Non-Trade Instructions Module is required on the QUIK-server). When Alert dispatch module is installed such orders of cash withdrawal can be additionally confirmed by a one-time password received via sms.

Thanks to latest improvements the new software version makes it easier to build and display charts:

  • the ‘% change of current price from closing price’ parameter was added to the price axis,
  • now OHLC and time appear as a tooltip when a ‘candlestick’ is clicked on the chart,
  • it has become possible to view the information on price, quantity and direction of own order when a mouse cursor is placed on the triangular icon of trade level,
  • the number of candlesticks in the chart can be preset and their width regulated by ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons.

In the ‘mobile’ interface adapted to smartphones with access to Internet the name of securities chosen for indication is represented as a button.

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