New version of SunGard Global Network program interface 6.2.0

9 february 2017

Innovations of the Interface version:

  • Translation of market data from Johannesburg Stock Exchange is supported.
  • The AMEX market is no longer represented separately in the Interface settings. The AMEX market data is now available on connection to the NYSE market.
  • The current trades table of the QUIK Workstation additionally transmits ‘Auction price’ parameter. The price of the current session closure is now transmitted in the ‘Last trade price in the current session’ parameter. Previously when the trading session ended and the trading day was closed the price was transmitted in the ‘Closure price’ parameter making impossible correct calculations of some client portfolio parameters.

  • Transactions to replace ordinary and Iceberg orders are supported for execution brokers that provide such an option. The transaction cancels the forwarded order and registers another one with new price and volume.

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