New version of QUIK Workstation 7.1 released

12 february 2016

At numerous clients’ requests the new version of QUIK Workstation provides the ‘dark’ theme of the Interface in addition to the standard interface design. The appearance of the main application components including icons has been completely redesigned but there are no changes in functional and in program execution logic.

To activate the new theme select menu ‘System / Settings / General settings…’, setting Interface skin on ‘Program’ tab.


Also this version of QUIK workstation has modifications in chart management functional:
  • The unified configuration dialog of charts, graphs and indicators is implemented with possibilities to move plotting area of graphs, to customize manually horizontal scale step and the filter available for a time interval during a day. Button ‘Apply’ makes changes display on a graph without closing the configuration dialog.
  • New options allow to change graph’s scale by using keyboard: key ‘Insert’ can be used when adding new graphs (indicators), zoom in by key ‘+’ (plus), zoom out by key ‘-’ (minus), display entirely by ‘/’ (slash).
  • Trend lines and Fibonacci figures may be drawn in graph’s window moved out from the main workspace. Settings of Fibonacci levels provide possibility to add and remove new levels.
  • Values of ADX indicator are calculated with accuracy up to two decimal places.
  • Labels functional is completed by linkage of a label to the left axis and saving font of labels on a graph by default.
  • When creating a graph through the ‘Price and volume chart’ item of the context menu of Quotes table for instruments transmitting the ‘Indicative quote’ parameter (for example, instruments of the Saint Petersburg Exchange), graph of that parameter (‘Indicative quote’) is displayed in the opened chart window. 

The following changes were made in tables performing:

  • ‘Trades for execution’ and ‘Buy/Sell’ tables have been supplemented with parameters ‘Security code’ and ‘Class code’.
  • Automatic configuration of columns width has been fastened if using key combination ‘Ctrl+W’ (width value is calculated only based on visible rows of table). Columns width can be configured manually in the table’s header area that allows to avoid casual configuration of width when making other operations by mouse.
  • It’s possible to submit an order form from the ‘Limits for securities’ table of the context menu. The ‘Security information’ item was added to the context menu of the ‘Account state’ table.

Other modifications in QUIK Workstation:

  • It has become possible to set alerts on result (status) of submitting transactions (orders).
  • List of settlement codes in entry form of ‘NDM with CCP’ order has been extended.
  • Zero price is substituted to the new order form for options if the ‘market’ attribute is selected. The appropriate price of the highest and lowest borders of the price range is filled in at the QUIK Server’s part.
  • New functions have been added to Lua that manage receiving the exchange parameters without adding them to opened Quotes table.
  • When exporting data from ‘Trades’ and ‘Anonymous trades’ tables time value is exported with accuracy of a microsecond.
  • Behavior of opened windows upon the enabled option ‘Always on top’ has been modified. When ordering windows (in rows, stacked, in columns) such windows remain ‘on top’.
  • Name format and catalogue’s name for files of window configuration autosave have been changed.

Moreover, a number of defects of the previous versions were corrected.

A complete list of changes made in QUIK Workstation 7.1.

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