ARQA Technologies released the new version of QUIK Workstation — 7.0

7 october 2015

The line of user applications of QUIK complex is making strides towards universality and user-friendliness. Following the improved usability of webQUIK application ARQA Technologies has changed the ergonomics of the principal user terminal — the QUIK Workstation. The essential innovative features of the 7.0 version include the completely altered menu and another approach towards data table management.

The effected interface changes resulted in improved ergonomics as well as more compact intuitively comprehensible menu. At the same time the user may easily tweak the interface to accommodate his/her preferences.

Here is a glimpse of the new QUIK Workstation interface:

Thus, the menu item ‘Action’ contains a list of commands replicating windows’ context menus and the actual list follows the suggestion from the terminal window that is currently active. The menu item ‘Plugins’ is displayed only after plugins have been installed to the QUIK Workstation.

Ergonomic improvements comprise tables and charts. Other features introduced in the version:

  • Selection of quote ‘depth’ to save screen space as well as traffic,
  • Indication of ‘open interest’ in instruments of the derivative market of the Moscow Exchange in the ‘all trades table’,
  • Capacity to adjust Fibonacci trends and lines. 
The latest version is also free from faults which were revealed in previous versions.

The full list of changes in version 7.0 of Workstation QUIK.

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