New version of QUIK server software — 7.3 released

15 april 2019

The main changes in the new version of the QUIK server relate to functionality of the limit calculation library (LCL):

  • There is a new commission type ‘Volume-based commission’ which allows setting commission rate depending on the operation’s volume and its direction.
  • A new setting ‘Commission parameters currency’ was added. For a preset list of classes it specifies a currency to calculate client’s turnover and volume of operations which are the basis for calculating the commission.
  • The version supports MOEX tariff plans for new modes available in the Trading system from 4 March 2019 and in the earlier updated Moscow Exchange Securities and FX Market trading interfaces.
  • It has become possible to control and calculate operations when executing trades at the weighted average rate via operations for the currency pair USDRUB_WAP0 in the classes:
    • MOEX Currency: Negotiated WAP Deals (WAPN),
    • MOEX Currency: System WAP Deals (WAPS).

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