New version of QUIK server software — 6.0

31 may 2018

The main change in the new version relates to conversion of QUIK server to 64-bit architecture. This helped neutralize many problems and restrictions which became apparent when QUIK server serviced numerous users and processed their trading data.

Another important change is client position management for operations with fractional numbers of securities that will allow buying, selling and exchanging securities of the ‘Investment unit’ type.

The limit calculation library was supplemented with the following options:

  • setting percentage of additional reservation for market orders to sell,
  • charging trading system commission for operations with OFZs in accordance with Moscow exchange tariff plans,
  • a new setting ‘Parameters for non-trade instruction accounting’ in the ‘library settings’ dialogue,
  • analysis of library settings change using an audit log.

Besides that, the user rights’ editor QUIK Administrator began combining several classes of Non-Trade Instructions Module into markets with setting duration of power of attorney for users.

Finally, the QMonitor software now supports encoding of saved passwords.

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