New version of QUIK server software 5.5.5 released

18 november 2016

The main improvements in the new version of the QUIK server are connected with the functionality of the special QUIK Administrator application.

In QUIK Administrator it has become possible to delineate levels of administrators’ access by roles defining their rights.

The application supports the following predetermined roles:

  • ‘Full access’;
  • ‘View only’;
  • ‘Client manager’ (QUIK users’ rights management and viewing settings of limit calculation libraries);
  • ‘Risk manager’ (viewing QUIK users’ rights and editing settings of limit calculation libraries);
  • ‘Security officer’ (editing directories/tables in the ‘Security’ section and viewing all other directories/tables).

Administrators can create other roles with a set of requisite rights and grant users those roles.

Moreover, the new QUIK server version acquired improved limit calculation libraries. So, clients using the scheme ‘by discounts’ for position keeping may apply a commission template by ‘leverage’ ratio to a client.

It has also become possible to set scopes for marginal risk scenarios when the ‘Portfolio collateral’ model is used (the functionality is vailable if Unified cash position module for spot and derivative markets is installed at the QUIK server).

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