New version of QUIK workstation — 9.2

10 september 2021

This updated version of the QUIK workstation has a number of improvements related to calculation and display of additional information for operations with shares.

In particular, now it is possible to calculate:

  • the 'Settlement amount’ parameter in ‘Orders’ and ‘Trades’ tables for shares,
  • additional parameters of the first and second parts of REPO orders for shares.  


Also, there is a new negotiated order entry form for shares with a possibility to calculate:

  • the maximum available quantity based on the client’s current resources,
  • a price or quantity in the order based on the specified volume. 


The ‘Magnet’ mode, implemented to work with charts, allows positioning the charts’ figures according to candle prices. The mode is activated/deactivated by clicking on the magnet icon on the instrument panel of the chart as well as by clicking on Ctrl.


Besides that, it has become possible to shift figures along the time scale axis without changing the price level by using Shift.

The ‘Instrument information’ window displays the instrument’s complexity type.

The full list of changes made in the QUIK workstation 9.2

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