New version of main user application QUIK workstation — 9.1 released

16 july 2021

Some of innovations in the released version of the QUIK workstation relate to the better terminal usability, including:

  • In case of a successful connection to the server, the messages window displays information on the date and time of the previous log-in as well as on the IP address used for the connection.

  • It is possible to set fonts and line spacing in the ‘Level II Quotes’ table.

  • An order can be amended by the trading system (fast access to the order amendment transaction if this transaction is supported by the trading system).


The following improvements were made to work with charts of the terminal:

  • There is a new chart pattern — ‘Horizontal ray’.


  • The chart marks functionality was changed. The ‘Keep trend lines, figures and labels after instrument change’ setting now can be applied to marks.
  • quik9.1_6en.png

Besides that, a number of changes in the QUIK workstation relate to the work with windows and tables:

  • ‘Instrument’ and ‘Country’ fields were added in the viewport for the table with newsfeed from information agencies to display a list of instruments and countries related to the shown news. It has also become possible to perform filtering and conditional formatting of this table’s fields.
  • The ‘Show info classes’ setting was added in the ‘Buy/Sell’ table.
  • There are new parameters of orders and trades tables:

— Orders table: ‘Settlement Date’, ‘2nd leg date’, ‘Start date’, ‘Contract Type’, ‘2nd leg quantity’, ‘2nd leg value’, ‘Trade session’, ‘Price entry type’, ‘Visible repo sum’, ‘Visible %’, ‘Preferable instrument’.

— Trades table: ‘Fixing date’, ‘Start date’, ‘Contract Type’, ‘Spot rate’, ‘Trading system commission currency’, ‘Broker commission currency’, ‘Trade session’.

The full list of changes made in the QUIK workstation 9.1.

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