New version of QUIK workstation — 8.5 released

20 april 2020

The new version of the QUIK workstation has a quick filter functionality which allows filtering information and displaying the filtering criteria. This filter is available in the last table’s column head on the left of the context menu.



The table of OTC orders acquired an option to submit groups of counter orders by selecting several lines and choosing the ‘Submit counter negotiation trades orders’ menu item.

In the quotes table of the trading panel, it has become possible to set confirmation of operations to close and reverse positions. The table’s informational panel acquired an option to display a theoretical option price.

Also, the QUIK workstation has a specialized order entry form for option expiration:


Besides that, the transition was made to a new version of the LUA programming language. It allows correct processing of 19-digit numbers of orders and trades.

The full list of changes made in the QUIK Workstation 8.5.

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