New version of mainuser application QUIK workstation — 8.11 released

15 december 2020

The updated QUIK workstation supports the integrated programming language Lua version 5.4.1 that enables optimized script execution. However, the version 5.3.5 continues to be supported and remains the default version.


A number of improvements relate to the transfer of existing and addition of new parameters and settings of the trading terminal.

In particular, ‘Available instruments’ (now ‘Quotes’) and ‘Requesting data for anonymous trades’ (now ‘Anonymous trades’) dialogues were moved to the dialog box of general settings.


The ‘Receive data for anonymous trades from now’ parameter and the ‘Receive data for anonymous trades anew’ button were renamed ‘Receive anonymous trades from the moment of connection’ and ‘Reload data’, respectively.

‘Buy collateral’ and ‘Sell collateral’ fields were added in the ‘Buy/Sell table’ and the ‘Account state table’.

Also, the ‘Position WAP currency’ field was added to the ‘Positions in instruments table’ to ensure correct work with a weighted average price of a position for instruments traded in different classes with different currencies. For the correct assessment of this type of instruments, it is necessary to apply additional settings on the broker’s side.

Besides that, the ‘Inaccurate parameters’ for bonds was added to the ‘Quotes table’. The inaccurate parameter values are displayed in the table as abbreviations. When hovering over them, tooltips appear:


If a user places an order for an instrument with such parameters, and a confirmation request for sent orders is activated in the terminal, a corresponding warning is displayed to the user.

Among other innovations in the QUIK workstation, it is possible to display the status of DDE and ODBC export in the ‘Window manager’.


Finally, a unified dialog of color settings and an interface for color management were implemented for tables of orders, stop orders, algo orders, OMS orders, client OMS orders, OMS repo orders, OTC orders, quotes, and for trades for execution.


The full list of changes in QUIK workstation 8.11.

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